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"It's satisfying and rewarding to hear an album like Timeless and I admire Mary Martin Stockdale for being unafraid of breaking the new age music mold and delivering music that asks the listener to follow a different path, albeit not a scary or alarming one, but one that has unexpected turns and climbs.  She takes you to places that are both wondrous and sad, touching and lonely.  The CD is strongly recommended to lovers of piano music who seek something vibrantly exciting but don't want to wander too far afield of the norm - just far enough to catch the buzz of something new and different." -Bill Binkelman/Wind and Wire

"There's a sense of adventure in Timeless - maybe a "timeless sense of adventure?  There is a good deal of personality in her piano music that gives you a sense of going places, and of evoking thoughts and events of a place far away and a spirit nearby." -Jerry Rabushka/The Ragged Blade

"Mary Martin Stockdale is an excellent musical translator of the human experience.  This is, no doubt, why she has charted top positions of international new age airplay.  She can take the ordinary and with her piano as her magic wand, she instantly brings forth brilliance." -Angela Hutchinson/

"The Mary Martin Stockdale release of "Portraits on the Piano" on Seedhouse Music is a very personal and endearing gift for solo piano aficionados. This warm, vibrant, and harmonically rich recording is a very honest and intimate reflection of the artist's ability to share introspective melodic ponderings. One whose love of the melody warms the soul like the burnished glint of a warm fire in the family hearth. Definitely a recording that will easily entertain, and find a cherished place, in any home's music collection." - Bear, Host/Producer-New Age Sampler

"Listeners will find subtle variations to haunting melodies on Mary Martin Stockdale's first CD. The composer finds her inspiration in her mountain surroundings. Although the melodies translate to the listener, he is able to find images of his own. Portraits on the Piano has a transcendental quality which is enchanting. Each of the 12 bands has its own distinctive flavor. Her classical training blends beautifully with her improvisational artistry. I anticipate Stockdale's next CD. " - K.A. Bingaman