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All content ©2004 Mary Martin Stockdale




"Timeless" has been nominated for:

Best Neo-Classical Album
Best Instrumental Album Piano

by New Age Reporter                                       

"More than a hint of Debussy in composition
and George Winston in performance.
Perfect for those too rare 
quiet moments of relaxation." Bill Watt

"If you're one of those people who think all new age piano music is either the stark minimalism of George Winston (a la December or Autumn) or the radio-friendly romanticism of David Lanz or Yanni, Mary Martin Stockdale's Timeless will shatter those false illusions with ease before she even completes the title track (which opens this audacious, enchanting recording)." Bill Binkelman/Wind and Wire

Solo acoustic pianist and composer Mary Martin Stockdale combines three themes into her instrumental music -- Nature, The West and  Philosophies of Life.  Her third album, TIMELESS, like its predecessors, can be enjoyed simply for its beautiful melodies, or also appreciated for the deeper emotional resonances beneath the  surface.

Stockdale's CDs can be purchased or ordered in many stores nationwide. For more information or to purchase her albums online, go to Amazon.com or CDbaby.com; or to buy digital downloads, go to musicmatch.com, emusic.com or buymusic.com.  All three albums -- TIMELESS, TROUT CREEK LULLABY (2001) and PORTRAITS ON THE PIANO (1999) -- have each climbed to one of the top three positions on the international new age airplay charts.




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